Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The iron fist subjected to virginity tests Egyptian protesters

Almost no one believed the pain of the Egyptian Salwa Azeb Husseini and Rasha. The facts that told the two girls took place in Tahrir on 9 March, weeks after the fall of the dictator. The soldiers who promised to protect the soul of the revolution ousted the square and 18 Egyptian, who participated yesterday in the International Women's Day, were arrested, beaten and subjected to electric shocks.

Of these, 17 were threatened with charges of prostitution and forced to undergo virginity tests. "The young people were not as your daughter or mine. Demonstrators had camped with men in Tahrir and found Molotov cocktails and drugs in their tents," one general said Tuesday on condition of anonymity to U.S.

television CNN. The military admitted that the military forced the detainees to a medical test to certify her virginity, and defended a practice that Amnesty International considers a form of torture when it is obtained by coercion. In his view, tests were made to prevent women to report having been raped by the authorities.

"We wanted them to say that we had sexually assaulted or raped, so we had to show from the beginning who were not virgins," added the general. And he added: "None of them was." The confession hid the reality of the 18 stem Egyptian silenced and forgotten. "They were arrested while demonstrating in Tahrir and sentenced to one year in prison for alleged possession of molotov cocktails and other weapons, resisting law enforcement and traffic disruption," he told WORLD.

is Magda Adly, director of the Center 'El Nadeem' for the rehabilitation of victims of violence. At his office came three women, who were tried by a military court and remained in custody until 11 March. The complaint was forged in this organization, created in 1993 to assist victims of the police regime of Hosni Mubarak, and was released by Amnesty International weeks after the events occurred.

Prison sentences are suspended but the organization submitted an investigation request to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces who has not received a response. Adly complaint that has lost track of the young. "They've changed phones a month ago that I can not contact them. They disappeared because they are afraid.

It's a very diverse group of women. The university is, with only secondary education or literate. The case is dramatic because two of them have been disowned by their families, "he added. According to the lawyer, "instead of speaking to defend these practices, the military should apologize and open a serious investigation." Amnesty International, the military's confession is a perverse rationale for a degrading manner of abuse.

"The Egyptian authorities should condemn such attitudes discriminatory, abusive and insulting, that have been used to justify the torture of protesters and given to the highest levels," the organization said in a statement. "As the country begins to look toward the future, women are at risk of being left aside again.

Despite suffering decades of discrimination and inequality, the Egyptian denied its role in the creation of a new country, "he told this newspaper Katya Nasim, a spokeswoman for Amnesty International. Since the army occupied the February 11 power vacuum left by the dictator, his actions suggest conflicting schedules.

While reiterating the safeguarding of the democratic aspirations of the people and given the timing of which should be the first free and fair elections, military tribunals to judge and condemn civilians.

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