Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GERMANY - End of Nuclear in 2021?

The daily Die Welt echoes a date: 2021. This is the year chosen for a full release of nuclear Ethics Commission set up by Chancellor Angela Merkel in the aftermath of the nuclear accident in Fukushima. The Commission must now put off the eight oldest plants being affected by a moratorium. It advocates establishing a monitoring system "fair and transparent" that would monitor prices, supplies, electricity imports and CO2 emissions.

For the Commission, it is possible to phase out nuclear power by keeping the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the German Government. It must deliver its final report in late May. The opposition Social Democrats and environmentalist as well as associations have welcomed the statements by the Commission.

The government will decide on June 6 for a package of laws including a release date of the atom. Parliament and Federal Council will vote July 8.

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