Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The culprit pepinazo

The 'handpick' in Spain point to a single person as guilty of 'cucumber crisis': the Minister of Health of Hamburg, Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks. The Social Democratic senator 55 years on Thursday accused the Spanish cucumbers to be the carriers of deadly bacteria 'E. coli. " Yesterday, he recanted. But the damage is done and the Spanish market pay and pay dearly the words of this newcomer to the Government of the Hanseatic city-state.

Prüfer-Storcks began, curiously, his career in the world of media. Until his 32 years he worked in a German newspaper get ahead in politics, from the hand of Social Democrats (SPD). However, the current Senator of Hamburg did not begin his career developed policy in this city-state, but in North Rhine-Westphalia, the 'Land' or the Land where he was born (particularly in the city of Essen).

There, he became Secretary of State for Health and Agriculture. His final move to Hamburg to come with the triumph of the social (as opposed to conservative Angela Merkel's CDU) in the elections last February. Olaf Scholz prevailed at the polls, won the mayor-president and called for holding a Health Ministry had no reason to be in principle no risk or danger leaders.

Up until the "Spanish cucumbers murderers", as has been read a newspaper over Germany. Prüfer-Stocks was based on some initial tests conducted by the Hamburg Institute for Hygiene without waiting for the final of the renowned Robert Koch Institute. "He rushed in their statements? According to Madrid, yes.

The economic damage will be significant when they simply had to have waited a few days. According to Berlin, no. The human damage is more important. There are people and citizens and the media have "pushed hard" (in the words of Senator) in search of answers forthcoming. While it is true that the German government came to show slight discomfort for the diplomatic crisis that was coming from Spain and Germany, criticize anything directly to Hamburg, because as 'Land' has the right to respond first to a food crisis.

Moreover, in Berlin have the same perception in Hamburg (despite their different 'colors' politicians in Germany do not weigh as much as in Spain) that the first thing is to save lives and stop the panic in the Federal Republic. Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks in principle without problems continue in office.

In Germany there is nothing and complains that it just serves to anger Spain. The Germans have an impact on the Spanish market is not the only one affected, but the Teutonic. The Germans have left to buy cucumbers, only Spanish, but no amount of vegetables for a week. Nothing and wherever it comes.

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