Saturday, May 21, 2011

The ugly statue angers papal Rome

Airs avant-garde art with the taste does not always meet citizen. This is the case, flagrant, the statue in honor of John Paul II just opened in front of Termini, Rome's central railway station. The criticism of the ugliness of the sculpture are almost unanimous. Given the reverence that the Roman people and many visitors from around the world feel for the Polish Pope and the new Blessed, the artistic nonsense bordering on sacrilege true category.

Oliviero Rainaldi's work, entitled Conversazioni, made in bronze and with a height of five meters, is surrounded by a lawn and rose bushes. Yesterday at noon, residents of Rome and tourists watched in disbelief sculpture. "Ugly!" Pontificated a Roman lady of a certain age. "He had a face so beautiful ...!", added.

The husband was more dramatic: "It looks like a urinal." According Rainaldi, who has done other work for the Vatican and belongs to the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts, tried to apply the most advanced and stylistic criteria suggest that the Polish Pope hug used to give to believers and pilgrims.

The moodiness of the Holy See is filtered through the pages of L'Osservatore Romano. The usual Vatican diplomacy gave way to quite explicit comments. According to the writer, is a "unique sculpture, and torn by the wind which carries it to resemble an open shop, or as someone said, to a bell." The next consideration was much tougher: "His face, located at the top of the structure, have only a distant resemblance to the one Pope.

And, overall, the result does not seem to match the intent. " The official recalled that the sketch approved by the Vatican authorities "had a much more obvious symbolism." Then insisted that the monument "is scarcely recognizable" and erred in its location. After the humbling, the Vatican newspaper showed mercy and considered at least "commendable" the idea of the City of Rome to lift the statue.

The Termini station area is not exactly the nicest of Rome. There are plenty of pickpockets, drug dealers and prostitutes. Another statue of Karol Wojtyla, achieved much, was erected in 2009 at the entrance to Gemelli Polyclinic, where he was admitted many times he called Vatican and 3 (the second was the summer residence of Castel Gandolfo).

In the controversial new statue, the Polish Pope would have reacted with wry humor, a benevolent and holy irony, of course.

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