Saturday, May 21, 2011

Strauss-Kahn has trouble being accepted as a neighbor in Manhattan

Another life begins after Rikers Island. "Au revoir!" Said Dominique Strauss-Kahn yesterday, 62 years, the New York criminal. Occurred about four p.m. (ten at night in Spain) and it was not easy. We had to move to a temporary home in the Big Apple, under armed guard by the refusal to accept in their local community.

Account on your behalf with the judge's decision, which agreed on Thursday released on bail of one million dollars in cash and five guarantees, plus a strict house arrest. One lesson: not only wealth opens gates. Where once was welcome, now they close the door. According to judicial sources, an unexpected problem pledged their release.

His wife, Anne Sinclair, was elected in a luxury apartment building (Bristol Plaza) Street 62, on the east side of Manhattan. However, a neighbor "high profile" disagreed and blocked the hiring process. Not only is host to a person who has been indicted for a string of crimes because of the alleged sexual assault of an employee of a hotel.

There's more. Accepting it means placed at the focus of policing and the nightmare of not less than the daily presence of the media. One of his lawyers, William Taylor, expressed his confidence that throughout the day will solve all problems. He was convinced that his client would sleep in a bed more comfortable than the prison, where he has been isolated since joining on Monday.

At about one pm, New York time (19 hours in Spain), those sources had confirmed that the guarantee made the deposit money. The judge was forced, however, to convene another hearing, in view of the difficulty to find a place that Strauss-Kahn was imprisoned. At the end allowed the freedom and the move to a "temporary center, in the vicinity of ground zero, while getting to a place where you embrace.

This house belongs to the firm Stroz Friedberg, the security company to monitor the movements of the former director of the IMF. A failure to resolve the question of his domicile, the French politician was about to enter his new existence, in which a magnetic bracelet will remind you control indictment charges that may lead him back to prison.

Up to 25 years in the worst case. For now, you can toast with champagne. But his party will be very private, if he and his wife, true defender with his wealth of probation are les desire to celebrate something. Your residence should be under control 24 hours a day by a security company with armed guards, who paid himself Strauss-Kahn The cost is estimated at $ 200,000 per month.

Stroz Friedberg, the firm selected is the same as he watched Bernard Madoff, the investment manager of millionaires during the period of freedom before his life sentence. The company has developed the plan in principle accepted by the judge, establishing how many people should be in the apartment.

According to these figures, in addition to the immediate family residing with the French politician can match only four visitors at once. Each of these guests must be approved prior to their arrival, and you must submit to weapons inspections prior to access. Both the entrance to the floor-reviewed prior to your rent, "as the property will install a video surveillance service.

The operation also incorporates the possible outcomes of the accused, which are limited to their presence in court, its displacement to the office of his lawyers, a doctor or even a church service, always guarded. The officers have the authority to use its weapons in case of escape. A condition of bail was the delivery of the passport and the renunciation of entitlement to the treaty of extradition from any country in which we could leave.

"From our point of view, no assurance is needed to produce a return to the court of Mr. Strauss-Kahn. He is more interested in clearing his name. " This is what the lawyer said Taylor. Prosecutor John McConnell does not believe a word. For him, former IMF chief had a "quick inunusualmente" March of the Sofitel.

I took a plane to Paris. Yesterday I took more out of Rikers Island.

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