Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kuwait enters the Council of Human Rights UN

Kuwait has been elected on Friday as a new member of the Council of Human Rights UN, provoking various reactions of humanitarian organizations in defense of human rights. The Persian Gulf monarchy is one of 15 new members - among which are India, Indonesia and Italy, too, of this organization which until then had 47 members.

"The balance of Kuwait in the field of human rights is undoubtedly better than Syria, but the barrier is set very low," said Peggy Hicks on behalf of Human Rights Watch. Other groups have released similar reactions. Syria last week resigned his candidacy, judged by an unwanted part of the international community over the violent repression of government opposition living in the country.

But Ladies, evoking a "change" is intended to replace Kuwait in 2014. The Council of Human Rights was inaugurated in 2006 to promote best practices among UN member countries and assess their degree of respect for human rights. In 2009, the U.S. decided to join the organization.

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