Saturday, May 21, 2011

Afghanistan - The Great Escape

"This collective escape appears to be completely strange and unacceptable," said the daily Sobh Hasht Afghanistan after the spectacular escape of nearly 500 Taliban detainees from the prison in Kandahar on the night of Sunday 24 to Monday, April 25. "The inmates fled through a tunnel 320 meters long.

It is estimated that it took at least five months to dig. How did it nobody noticed anything during all this time? Besides the 500 prisoners housed not all in the same neighborhood. There was always suspicious gatherings to discuss this project, "the newspaper regrets Kabul, suggesting complicity within the prison.

"Our leaders claim to have won the military war on the Taliban, but they prove to us that they retain their grip on the country." While the governor of Kandahar province, Tooryalai Wesa said that 478 prisoners had managed to escape, the Taliban claim to have brought out 541 of them. On June 13, 2008, the prison in Kandahar had been the scene of a spectacular escape that made freedom about 1150 prisoners.

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