Saturday, May 21, 2011

At least 23 women accused in a case of child pornography in Sweden

A Swedish prosecutor charged on Friday with 23 women and one man for possession and distribution of child pornographic images, according to sources close to the court of Falun. The only man involved, Lars Skoglund (42 years) has been presented as the inductor of the network, the origin of Internet distribution to women in a large number of pornographic images depicting children.

The accused, between 38 and 70, are all Swedish citizens, according to the indictment to which he had access news agency AFP. Skoglund was arrested last September with 1181 photographs and more than 40 films described by the prosecution as child pornography. Among the material seized, "115 photos and 37 films show very young children who are victims of violence or coercion and subjected to particularly vicious practice", as can be read in the indictment.

Skoglund, who faces more than six years in prison, seems to have come into contact with women through various Internet sites on which they gradually persuaded to accept pornography. The defendant "has tested the limits of women talking on the internet. Start talking about sex after sex with excrement, sex with animals and after a time of sex with children," added the attorney Niclas Eltenius after the conference Falun press broadcast on Swedish radio.

A number of women accused claimed that they had no intention of downloading the documents, but the prosecutor believes that the transcripts of his online conversations with the defendant Skoglund showed instead that knew exactly what they were doing. The defendants, among which some had held a brief relationship with Skoglund, were not in possession of excessive amounts of illegal documents, between six and 71 each.

They face only "two years", stated Attorney Eltenius.

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