Saturday, May 21, 2011

DSK released from prison after paying the deposit and find an apartment in Manhattan that will accept

After six nights sleeping in a cell, the former boss of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, under house arrest can expect his sexual assault trial. After posting bond Friday morning, the judge accepted the defense's proposed accommodation to house arrest. This is a temporary option, after his wife rent two apartments in the most luxurious of Manhattan (Upper East Side) and the building will rejected.

Shortly after the court decision, the political Gallo was released from Rikers Island prison, one of the most dangerous in the country, and temporarily sent to an apartment in Lower Manhattan. Although it is not clear where is your residence, sources of State Superior Court cited by The New York Times, had previously stated that DSK could stay in a corporate building security company Stroz Friedberg, who has been hired to watch during his house arrest, placed precisely in this area of the Big Apple.

The judge had already received one million dollars in cash, plus the backing of five million required for the release, but there were other conditions to meet before its release. Hours later, the judge granted his release. "No one shall be released until all conditions are resolved to satisfaction of the court", had said Michael Obus, the judge decided Thursday that his release from prison, the defense.

Besides money, the defense must provide evidence that the Manhattan apartment was ready and would be monitored continuously. According to several American media, DSK plan to live in an apartment on the Upper East Side. Initially, there was talk that the defense would propose to judge the home of her daughter, Camille Strauss-Kahn, "located in the Upper-as a place to house arrest.

On Thursday, a defense lawyer said the former director of the IMF would reside in an apartment rented by his third wife, Anne Sinclair, born in New York. According to The New York Times, Sinclair had rented two apartments in Bristol Plaza, but ultimately rejected Bristol itself among its tenants have an alleged sex offender.

These are "luxury apartments on the Upper East Side, elegantly furnished, with daily cleaning lady," according to the publicity of this accommodation. The price ranges from $ 8,800 per month for the smallest to $ 14,200 a month, in the case of having two rooms. Despite the denial, many journalists are still waiting in front of Bristol and around the building are taken by the police and security vehicles, reports Carlos Fresneda.

The fear of the U.S. Justice exploit them a new 'case Polanski' has taken extreme precautions to prevent the escape of Strauss-Kahn (France has no extradition agreements for its citizens). Judge Obus required to wear an electronic bracelet DSK and a private security guard, on account of political Gallo, guarded 24 hours a day finally rented housing.

According to Le Figaro, the defense said his client will spend $ 200,000 per month for the surveillance measures. However, the director of a private security firm interviewed by 20 Minutes claims that the average bill would be $ 80,000. According to The New York Post, DSK shall not leave his apartment to go to court, meet with your lawyer, doctor or a temple.

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