Saturday, May 21, 2011

Al-Qaeda to attack oil tankers aimed to enhance the "economic crisis in the West"

Washington .- Al Qaeda was in his plans to attack oil tankers and various energy targets around the world to feed the "economic crisis in the West", as today revealed U.S. security agencies. Several media like the Washington Post or CNN refer to an internal newsletter of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security which indicates the interest of the network run by Osama Bin Laden in "oil tanker" as objectives.

Thus, Al Qaeda would seek to "lead the West to an extreme economic crisis by oil supply disruption." However, the terrorist network would have indicated that their intention was to attack these "oil tankers at sea in the Indian and Atlantic, as it would not affect oil berth in coastal areas with large Muslim populations." Matthew Chandler, spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, came to pass that information to indicate that his office "is not aware of imminent or specific plans against the energy sector or outside the U.S..

UU." While acknowledging that "in 2010 there was a continued interest by members of Al Qaeda targets in sight, such as oil tankers and oil trade infrastructure in the sea." Therefore, the Department and the FBI urged local authorities to be vigilant, but stressed they do not issue a terror alert because there was no specific or credible information pointing to a plan in place.

The terrorist threat alert in the U.S.. U.S. has not officially increased after the U.S. commando operation that killed the 1st of May to Osama Bin Laden in his hideout in Pakistan. In the raid, U.S. soldiers. States collected information and documents from Al Qaeda who are being subjected to analysis by the CIA and the FBI.

According to information released by the Pentagon, Al Qaeda had identified certain goals and dates for the U.S. calendar. States, but would have found no concrete plan of attack.

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