Saturday, May 21, 2011

Greece - "Debtocracy and the trial of the crisis

Everyone talks about the web Debtocracy, a documentary journalists and Katerina Kitidi Ari Hatzistefanou on the Greek crisis. Shot with their own money and donations from friends, it is freely distributed on debtocracy. gr. In less than ten days, nearly 600,000 visitors have viewed. Every day, supporters and opponents of the documentary exchange their views on Facebook, Twitter or blogs.

The main actors in this documentary (about 200 persons) sign a request to create a committee of international audit, which would aim to clarify the reasons for the creation of a sovereign debt and conviction of those responsible. In this case, Greece has the right to refuse repayment of its debt "unwarranted", that is to say the debt constituted by acts of corruption against the interests of society.

Debtocracy is a political action. It presents a perspective on the examination of events that led Greece to the brink. The opinions are all in the same direction, without counterpoint. It is the choice of authors who deliver their own way of seeing things from the first minutes: "In nearly 40 years, two parties, three families and some major political bosses [...] read more on Presseurop.


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