Saturday, May 21, 2011

A bomb in a tanker NATO kills 15 in Pakistan

Islamabad. .- At least fifteen people were killed when fire scorched a tanker of NATO because of a bomb blast in Pakistan's Khyber tribal region bordering Afghanistan, Efe said one police source. The bomb exploded at dawn in Landi Kotal area in front of the tanker, which was engulfed in flames in a fire that also caused three injuries.

The police source added that other NATO tankers were attacked in the area, also Torkham area in Khyber, but said in this case have no information on casualties. In the northwestern Khyber demarcation runs the main land crossing into Afghanistan and most of the supplies for foreign troops from NATO deployed in the neighboring country.

The supplies, which are often transported from the Karachi port in southern Pakistan to the Afghan border through Khyber or another step southernmost (Shaman), are often attacked by Taliban groups and armed gangs. U.S. is highly dependent on the route and is aware of this, the Pakistani Parliament proposed in a resolution last week that the Government to block traffic if not stopped attacks by U.S.

drones in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

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