Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fidel Castro was asked whether NATO will bomb Spain by popular protests

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro was asked Friday if ironically, similar to the intervention in Libya, NATO also bombed Spain due to protests in Madrid and other Spanish cities to demand changes in the political and social model . "What happens in Spain where the masses protesting in the main cities of the country for up to 40% of young people are unemployed, to cite just one of the causes of the manifestations of that combative people? Could it be that they will start the bombing of that country of NATO? "Castro wrote in a new installment of his column" Reflections.

" In his article, the historic Cuban leader reacted to the foreign policy speech in which the U.S. president, Barack Obama, has stressed its support for democratic movements in the Arab world and has pledged financial support to underpin reforms also called for countries like Syria and Libya.

"No lead, of course, that Obama is master of the situation, only handles a few important words that the old system originally gave the 'constitutional president' of America," said Castro, 84, in his text entitled ' The untenable position of the empire. " The Cuban leader noted that they are the Pentagon and the CIA who "hold the key instruments of imperial power," including "the technology to destroy mankind in a matter of minutes, and the means to penetrate these societies, shamelessly deceive and manipulate the time when they need it, thinking that the power of empire has no limits.

" According to Fidel Castro, the U.S. hopes "to handle a docile world without any disturbance, all future time, but is unable to see" what actually happens to poverty, lack of basic services in education, health, employment and worse: the satisfaction of basic needs like food, water, shelter and many others.

" In Spain, a group called 'real democracy and "called on Sunday for rallies in cities across the country to criticize the political system and improved living conditions, especially in view of high unemployment and high housing prices. Since then, thousands of mainly young people, camped in the Puerta del Sol de Madrid and elsewhere in the country, while reiterating the events, just days before local and regional elections on Sunday.

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