Saturday, May 14, 2011

Palestinian youth dies in new unrest in East Jerusalem

Jerusalem .- A young man who was seriously injured in the clashes on Friday between Israeli police and Palestinian demonstrators in East Jerusalem, died this morning, medical sources said. The young man, Said Aiyash, 17, died of a hemorrhage in the hospital operating table at Mukasa, a source of the medical center.

The victim had been admitted with serious injuries after being shot in the abdomen in a Palestinian protests that took place in several neighborhoods of East Jerusalem to commemorate the day of the Nakba, the "catastrophe" of exile and loss land following the creation of Israel in 1948.

The day will be celebrated tomorrow in Ramallah with a demonstration which are expected to come tens of thousands of people, but yesterday recorded all kinds of events and protests throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem. Resident in the neighborhood of Ras el Amud, Aiyash was yesterday in protest of neighbor Siloam, where witnesses said security officers from a small settlement opened fire on demonstrators.

Israeli police confirmed that in the place and shots were fired, according to a spokesman, the family has requested an autopsy of the body but it was buried immediately. A dozen Palestinians were wounded on Friday in its most mild form. The young family and neighbors today plans a protest march through the streets of the city where the police are still on alert for fear of another day of rioting.

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