Saturday, May 14, 2011

Michel Martelly, proclaimed President of Haiti

Port au Prince. .- Michel Martelly was inaugurated President of Haiti today in a ceremony held at Parliament around the nation. Martelly, 56 º President of the Republic of Haiti, was sworn in after reading the decree that declares head of the Haitian State and received by the President of the National Assembly (bicameral) Rudolphe Joazile, the presidential sash, delivered by the former ruling Rene Preval.

The imposition of the band came in the midst of an unexpected power outage occurred in the hall built during the last days to accept the official ceremony. Before the new President gave the oath to Joazile formula. "I swear before God and the nation faithfully observe the Constitution and laws of the Republic" he said.

He also pledged to "respect and ensure respect for the rights of the Haitian people and work for the magnificence of the country in maintaining national independence and territorial integrity." After the ceremony, the new president left the room and first heard the strains of the presidential anthem, played on the outside by the Orchestra of the National Police.

From there, accompanied by his wife, Sophia Saint Remy, addressed the National Pantheon Museum to lay a wreath in honor of the heroes of the Haitian nation. "I feel today as yesterday, but now I have the command of the nation," he told Efe, before leaving the museum, the new ruler. Around the compound where they had gathered the pledge hundreds of people eager to witness the official events, which will be completed at the National Palace, where he held a "Te Deum" and the president directed his first address to the nation .

Michel Martelly, 50, becomes president of the Caribbean country after winning the March 20 elections with 67.57% of the vote to his opponent, the former first lady Mirlande Manigat.

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