Saturday, May 14, 2011

ITALY - A pope like no other

The new film opens with Nanni Moretti archive footage that have been around the world, those of the funeral of Pope John Paul II: the rolling purple robes of the cardinals, the coffin naked, the crowd silent. The drama began when a journalist pedant insists on obtaining permission to film at least "a pan of the Sistine Chapel." Nothing to do, the doors of the Vatican close.

Immediately the darkness descends on the cardinals met in conclave to elect a new pope. As schoolchildren struggling with an essay, paralyzed before the sheet on which they must write the name of the predestined. The prelates began to pray in silence: "Not me, Lord, I am not worthy." The second appearance of the smoke is good, the pope is elected.

Melville called it - as the great French master of crime fiction. It al'élocution hesitant and gentle Michel Piccoli and immediately asks: "And now what happens?" The ovation from the faithful waiting, but he can not, fear is stronger than anything, irrepressible, as his desperate howl, as his journey through the corridors of the Vatican, as his wailing tearfully: "Help Me Not I can not.

" Professor Brezzi [alias Nanni Moretti], renowned psychoanalyst, was then convened in secret to help the new pope in difficulty. "I wanted to tell the tone of comedy is the story of a fragile person who feels inadequate for the role it has assumed," says the director. But it is not easy to psychoanalyze the pope: "The concept of mind and the unconscious can not coexist." And then you can not talk about sex, dreams, emotions.

Furthermore, the analysis session takes place under the watchful eye of the cardinals from around the world. The analyst admits: "See, the Pope, with all these people around me I can not work." Perhaps it is better to leave the perimeter of the Holy See. Brezzi suggests another therapist, played by Margherita Buy.

"My wife says Professor Brezzi, she left me because she could not stand that I am the best of all." Melville meeting secretly and opens: "I can not do anything, I'm tired all the time, I feel a constant weight, it's as if I had a kind of psychic sinusitis." What are the symptoms depression, illness, says the analyst of the pope, there is already talk in the Bible.

The visit to the psychoanalyst (played by Margherita Buy) is a golden opportunity for Melville to escape the stifling Vatican. The new pope walks in anonymously across the city, looking for words for his speech, trains: "... For some time, our church has some difficulty in understanding things, we were afraid to admit our mistakes.

"Habemus papam [We have a pope: Secular Latin phrase by which, since the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, a cardinal announces the identity of the newly elected] is just another allegorical fable, a meditation - atheist - the difficulty to grasp power and to meet the expectations of others, an affectionate portrait of elderly gentlemen who, even if they are of cardinal, are still children.

In sum, a new Moretti, nor angry, neither black nor political, but seeking a balance, more conciliatory, more open than during the Mass is ended [in 1985 and released the film in which Nanni Moretti played the role of a young priest tortured]. During his short trip as a free man, Melville settles accounts with his unfulfilled desires, with what he wanted to be and was not "player, I would have liked so much, forever." The allusion to the biography of John Paul II is clear.

"Who wants to see the references do not be mistaken, but I have not sought, I make a film about the feelings that I wanted to tell," concedes Nanni Moretti. The trailer for the film (Italian)

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