Saturday, May 14, 2011

CUBA - The day that Fidel has listened to his own will

We can say goodbye, leaving a note on the table or through a phone call. But some, before you travel abroad to end a relationship or even life, want to settle everything down to the smallest details in order to force those remaining to follow in their footsteps. Others leave, slamming the door or call the solemn tribute they think deserve before their departure.

Some fairly distribute their goods, while others have so much power to alter the Constitution of their country so that nobody can touch their work once the party. Preparations and meetings of the Sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party [which was held from April 16 to 19] were a kind of large public requiem for Fidel Castro staged his departure, he demanded meticulous ceremonial and which was bent - without looking at spending - his little brother.

It was clear in the pomp of the military parade on April 16, will hold a symbolic gesture for someone who could not even attend. So it seemed obvious that the reading of names of those who would share major items, we would not hear of the man who presided over the fate of this country for nearly half a century.

Yet he finally sat at the podium to accept his presence the transfer of power to Raul Castro. Be present, it was like to hear - in his lifetime - read his own will.

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