Saturday, May 14, 2011

Iran postpones the induction of blindness against acid-throwing youths face Ameneh

The Iranian judiciary on Saturday postponed the execution of the sentence against a young Iranian woman sentenced to lose his sight for throwing acid on the face of a fellow faculty and having blinded and disfigured. According to the family of the offender, Majeed Mohavedi of 29 years, the decision was taken to the anticipation surrounding the case and around the hospital where he had to execute the punishment, which, from early morning on Saturday raced numerous media.

Until the Judicial Medical Center also approached the victim, Ameneh Bahrami, 28, who expected the final implementation of a ruling that was issued in final in early 2009, but not his assailant, who remains in the cell. Bahrami insists he wants to be sentenced because he has no guarantees that will happen Mohavedi life in prison.

The young student lost his sight after his college classmate, apparently upset because she rejected his marriage proposal, he threw sulfuric acid on her face in 2004. Under the old law of retaliation which includes the Iranian Islamic jurisprudence, should now receive 10 drops of the same substance in each eye.

Bahrami traveled to Spain for months to try to save the sight of one eye, but doctors who assisted in Barcelona could not avoid passing life in darkness. "It's not a question of revenge. I want to know what I am suffering. But I also want to provide an example for other girls do not suffer the same martyrdom, "said the girl.

The culprit admitted to having committed the crime out of love." When I asked my hand I said I was going to marry someone else and I thought throw acid in her face so that her boyfriend left her. "

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