Saturday, May 14, 2011

The death of a Palestinian teenager shot the tension before the Nakba Day

Jerusalem. .- The death of a Palestinian teenager in East Jerusalem for the alleged shooting of a Jewish settler triggered tension in the region before the Day of the Nakba ("tragedy"), which commemorates the mass flight of Arabs after the foundation of the State of Israel, in 1948. Hours before in Ramallah, the seat of government of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), to concentrate morning thousands of people for the main acts of commemoration, Jerusalem was again the scene of violent clashes today, the last during the funeral the young Milad Said Ayyash, 16.

At least two Palestinians were wounded outside the walls of Jerusalem when the Israeli police dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets at a group of young people after the funeral threw stones at Israeli vehicles. There were also riots in the suburbs of a small Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem known as Beit Moscowitz, and near where yesterday, Friday, Ayyash was wounded by gunfire that witnesses attributed to one of Yonatan Bet guards, a building ultranationalist Jews in the heart of Siloam.

Ayyash, who lived in the neighborhood of Ras el Amud, was admitted with abdominal injuries but died on the operating table, reported this morning, hospital sources Mukasa. "His condition was critical. We made twenty blood transfusions, but not to get it to save his life, "reported the medical center.

Leftist activists reported the online edition of the Israeli newspaper" Haaretz "that the guard opened fire with his pistol after someone launched against the settlers building a "Molotov cocktail." The bullet of a gun is drawn. This type of bullet is rarely used by Israeli police in crowd control.

The bullet indicates both the possibility that the boy was shot by one of the security guards of the settlers, "activist Jonathan Pollak said in a statement. The Israeli police at the scene confirmed that shots were fired but said he could not be the autopsy on the body because the family wanted to bury him immediately and that "the case is under investigation." "What happened was murder.

The settlers and the security guards protecting them shot him from close range, "reported the victim's father, Said Ayyash. At the funeral, recalling the images of the first and second Intifada (1987-1993 and 2000-2004 respectively), were a thousand people carrying Palestinian flags and the deceased moved back chanting "God is great" and "With wind and blood will redeem our martyr." Israeli security forces are from Thursday on high alert on the occasion of the Nakba, which Palestinians throughout the region celebrate the exile and the loss of their houses to them meant the creation of the State Israel.

The date of the commemoration is the 15th of May, the day after the Declaration of Independence of Israel on May 14, 1948, when the Palestinians see as the beginning of exile for hundreds of thousands of refugees currently with all his descendants over four million. After the funeral, police arrested four Palestinians in the Mount of Olives for throwing stones at a patrol, and this afternoon a few hundred marched from the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem to the Rockefeller Museum under the watchful eye of hundreds agents.

For the moment, no political leader, neither Israelis nor Palestinians, has spoken about the facts. The Israeli police chief, Yohanan Danino, said today that during the day tomorrow "will be allowed the protests with restraint, but without allowing it to produce public disorder."

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