Saturday, May 14, 2011

EGYPT - A hunting for millions of Mubarak

Forgotten allegations that the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his family had amassed billions of dollars abroad, mainly in Swiss bank accounts and real estate in London and Manhattan. The fortunes of Mubarak, who suffers from heart problems and is now recovering in the presidential suite of a large hotel in the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, is perhaps closest to him.

According to Western diplomats and Egyptian police, many of its hidden assets could be arranged along the palm-lined streets of this city in southern Sinai peninsula - the Egyptian equivalent of Orlando or Las Vegas Luxury hotels where Western-style malls, Starbucks and McDonald's stretch for miles along the coast.

"You can be certain that the Mubarak family, and especially the son, directly or indirectly, legally or illegally , benefited from the boom in Sharm El-Sheikh ", says a European diplomat. "The friends of the clan have a large part of the city." The investigation into the corruption of the regime has just begun, but the information is no shortage.

We see for example arise almost daily evidence that the government gave lucrative contracts to close friends of the president. Investigators appear to be particular attention to a natural gas contract multibillion-dollar agreement with Israel and obtained by a company headed by a man who is considered the best friend of Mubarak [Husseinn Salem, a former spy became man business].

A few years ago that Mubarak had taken up residence in Sharm El-Sheikh. He settled in a spacious villa situated in a large resort waterfront, near a golf course, and hidden behind walls 10 feet high. Among its neighbors: Bakr bin Laden, a half brother of Osama, multi-billionaire and chairman of the family business of building.

It was difficult according to Western diplomats know the state of mind and health of Mubarak in the weeks that followed his departure in exile [in Sharm El-Sheikh]. According to reports, he suffered from severe depression and was so shocked by his sudden fall he refused to take medication prescribed to him for his heart trouble, and he declared loudly that he wanted to die.

According to the Egyptian press, the son of Mubarak tear since the fall of their father, each accusing the other of giving the family a picture of corruption and decadence. [According to the Cairo daily newspaper Al-Gumhuriyya, the Egyptian state just got a palace in London belonging to Mubarak and estimated at 230 million euros and Q'una many apartments belonging to his two son and his wife.]

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