Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hosni Mubarak's wife, under medical observation after arrest

A heart attack freed from prison to the former Egyptian first lady Suzanne Mubarak. The wife of the "last Pharaoh" suffered a heart attack and is in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital in Sharm el Sheikh, the resort town where the Mubarak family fled after the fall of the regime on 11 February. According to the state newspaper "Al Ahram", Suzanne will be monitored for 24 hours before deciding to transfer military plane to the prison for women in Al Qanater, north of Cairo.

Egyptian Health Minister, Ashraf Hatem, said Saturday that the health status of Suzanne, 70, has improved and now "is under the control of the police." The unwillingness of the consort of Mubarak came shortly after the Department of Enrichment of Egyptian Ministry of Justice ordered his detention for 15 days while it investigates allegations of corruption against her.

The head of the investigation against the Mubarak clan Khaled Selim, had traveled Thursday to the Sinai Peninsula to question the former president and his spouse about his fortune. Before being hospitalized, Suzanne was subjected to an interrogation in a waiting room of the hospital in Sharm el Sheikh, near where her husband, who served 83 years on 4 May, has been detained since April 13 after suffering a heart attack.

Selim decided to extend the detention of the former president also accused of abuse of power and repression of the riots, and issue an arrest warrant against Suzanne. As has happened with the former first lady, her children and husband were also detained for an initial period of 15 days, a common practice in Egypt that is equivalent to being imprisoned indefinitely while the investigation is ongoing in a statement, the Mohamed Fathallah hospital director said that Suzanne had suffered a "heart attack and increased blood pressure," while the state agency MENA said that he had briefly lost consciousness and that the first tests had revealed that his condition was "stable".

Suzanne was popular for his acts of philanthropy. Had sponsored the Arabic version of TV's 'Sesame Street' and heading official delegations abroad. Daughter of an Egyptian doctor and a Welsh nurse, Suzanne Thabet-your last name before marriage with ex at 17 years was a goodwill ambassador for the UN Organization for Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), president National Committee for Women and regular in charity events and forums.

In the aftermath of the dictatorship, Suzanne became the best supporter of the aspirations succession of his son Gamal, who during his rise in the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) was surrounded by a corrupt business elite and prepared for years to assault president. Once the trance record, will have to answer charges of having made a fortune taking advantage of the power of her husband.

According to local press, Suzanne staff was authorized to control the bank account of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The couple's two sons, Alaa and Gamal, remain imprisoned in Tora prison in Cairo on charges of abuse of power and illicit enrichment. In the prison, previously known for harboring dissidents and enemies of the dictatorship of Mubarak, are also ministers and senior officials of the ousted regime.

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