Saturday, April 23, 2011

U.S. drones sent to Libya

U.S. will use 'drones' armed on Libya. U.S. President Barack Obama, has approved the use of unmanned aircraft on Libyan territory, as announced on Thursday Defence Secretary Robert Gates. This decision coincides with the arrival of U.S. Senator John McCain on a visit to Benghazi in Libya insurgent stronghold, according to AFP.

Obama "has approved the use of armed Predators," said Gates. These devices, already used to bombard strongholds talibanesen the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, will allow precise attacks against gadafistas forces, Gates said at a news conference. The missions of the drones are starting, "he said.

Marine Gen. James Cartwright, deputy head of the Joint Chiefs, told the same hearing that the first Predator mission was scheduled on Thursday, but was thwarted by the weather. Gates said the decision to use these devices without pilot and armed with missiles has been adopted by the "humanitarian situation" in Libya, because they provide "capacity" with no other appliances to avoid civilian casualties.

Two 'drones' are permanently in the mission against the regime of Gaddafi, said James Cartwright. Defense Secretary considered it a "modest contribution" to the efforts of the international coalition. These 'drones' "are a very limited" that it "provides additional capacity to NATO," Gates insisted.

Defence Secretary said that this announcement does not change the nature of the U.S. mission within the coalition. Since the start of the international mission in Libya, the U.S. has sought to remain in the background, leaving the role of the operation to his European colleagues, and sought to give the military command as soon as possible.

Gates stressed that the U.S. military will not participate with the field. His announcement comes just a day after France and Italy would join the United Kingdom and announced the dispatch of officers to train Libyan rebels.

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