Saturday, April 23, 2011

Syrian police fired tear gas against protesters

Amman (Reuters) .- The Syrian security forces fired tear gas Friday to disperse protesters who had gathered in the Midan district in central Damascus to call for democracy, witnesses said. In addition, thousands of people took to the streets of Deraa, in the south, to seek "the end of the regime" of Bashar Assad, according to attendance.

Syrian activists came out on Friday to the streets, through coordinated demonstrations in several parts of the country, reclaim democracy and the banning of single party, the Baath. In their first joint statement since the protests began five weeks ago, the Local Coordinating Committees, representing all the provinces have called for "freedom and dignity," two goals "can not be achieved except through democratic peaceful change" .

They have also demanded the release of "all prisoners of conscience", the dismantling of the security forces and their replacement by a device that "acts in accordance with the law."

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