Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ouattara announced his inauguration in May

Alassane Ouattara, President-elect of the Ivory Coast, has expressed his desire that the country held legislative elections "at the end of the year." Occur, this election would be the first since 2000. The president also announced that its investiture ceremony will take place "in the second half of May" in Yamoussoukro, the political capital and that the new government is formed soon after.

"The government established after the inauguration," said Ouattara, the leader recognized by the international community, through TCI Ivorian television. The hearing occurred ten days after the arrest of his predecessor, Laurent Gbagbo, after a bloody clash between forces loyal to either leader.

The elected president has also sought to reassure the public and has advanced to start paying civil servants' wages two months [back] next week "with the help of France and the" banks reopen "from Monday. "The activity is slowly recovering and we believe that from this month-end standardization should be a reality," says the leader.

Alassane Ouattara, who was on Thursday the president of the Constitutional Council, Paul Yao N'Dré, reflected on the violence that has lived in Ivory Coast in recent months and has said that "we are all responsible" for what happened. N'Dre that Gbagbo proclaimed victor in the polls, responded that "Ivorians are too far" and has supported the president's assertion: "We are all responsible for what has happened: the current president, former, citizens , the media ...

everyone is responsible, "he assured. The endorsement by the victory of Laurent Gbagbo by the Constitutional Council aggravated the crisis in the country following the presidential elections on 28 November. Your support contrasted with the international community, which recognized since the victory of Ouattara.

With Gbagbo's refusal to relinquish power after 10 years in him, the country was left with two presidents and two prime ministers and was plunged into a civil crisis that has claimed the lives of hundreds of people. Until April 12, forces loyal to Ouattara, with the help of France, the former leader arrested and his staff, which then under house arrest.

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