Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saharawi students in Rabat cause riots

Riot police dispersed a group of Sahrawi students who caused damage at a residence at the University Mohamed V in Rabat, after the death last night of a young man in a fight, police said. The source said that "the young man who died was named Hamadi laData and died yesterday after being stabbed in Rabat." The civil governor of the Moroccan capital, Mohamed Regreg, told reporters that "a group of students from the southern provinces (Western Sahara) used the death of the young to retain in his office at the residence hall director Suisi 2" which was released shortly afterwards by police.

He added that "the agitators sabotaged the tram, and the company has reported losses reach three million dirham (about 265,000 euros)." According to Efe could see the place, youths burned two offices of the university residence and smashed windows of several buildings. From early morning, students took the main avenue of the campus with their heads covered with scarves and brandishing weapons.

The MAP news agency said that the judicial police has launched an inquiry into the facts and stop the death of the student author.

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