Sunday, April 24, 2011

France looks to suspend the Schengen agreement

The Elysee is considering suspending its commitments under the Schengen agreement on free travel across borders within the European Union due to the flow of immigrants because of Arab riots are coming to Italy, has said a source close to the presidency French. "We feel we need to think about a mechanism that allows us, when there is a systematic disorder of the external borders of the European Union, to intervene with a temporary suspension [of our commitments] the duration of the disorder," said the fountain.

just hours after they knew the intention of the Elysee, Brussels has responded that France "has not notified of this intention" to suspend temporarily the agreement of free movement, has said Mark Gray, a spokesman for the European Commission. Also pointed out that a temporary resumption of border controls must be properly argued.

Under the terms of Schengen, only a "serious threat to public order or internal security" can justify "exceptional" the reintroduction of border control for a limited period, with a maximum of 30 days, and may be renewed if there is still a threat. The Arab riots have caused the flight of many citizens of Libya and Tunisia to reach Italy.

Unable to determine who arrive in the EU in search of work and who makes it as refugees, Rome decided to give the people fleeing a temporary residence permit, a decision that has caused tensions with Paris. Since last weekend, the authorities decided to temporarily suspend galas train traffic to Italy, fearing a flood of immigrants.

Then, the authorities argued that they were violating the Schengen treaty and that it was a temporary disruption of public order reasons.

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