Saturday, April 23, 2011

A colonel and twelve other Libyan officials, were arrested after entering Tunisia

Tunisia .- A colonel and 12 other Libyan officials have been arrested by soldiers after crossing the Tunisian border to this country fleeing from the rebels who took the post of Dhib in the southern desert region of Tataouine, TAP agency reported. The Libyan military group responsible for customs post had taken refuge in Tunisia, where the rebels fighting the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi took the facility after an intense battle that has developed throughout the early hours of Thursday.

According to sources in the TAP, the customs post has been closed by rebel troops who took it, while four of the nine Libyans wounded in combat have been transferred to the regional hospital Tataouine. Dozens of officers heridosLa flight comes after a group of Libyan rebels have taken control of a border crossing located in the Libyan town of El Wazzan, on the border with Tunisia, Tunisian news agency TAP.

The source explained that the rebels have taken over the border after violent clashes with forces loyal to the regime in Tripoli. Moreover, the same source announced that 1,800 Libyans agreed on Wednesday to Tunisian territory through the border post of Ras Jedir. For just over a week, about 13,000 are Libyan nationals who have fled the violence in the western part of Libya.

The past weekend, forces loyal to Qadhafi localities and Yefren Lanut in the region of Jebel Nefusa, near the Tunisian border, killing at least 110 people, including civilians and rebels, and left several dozen wounded, sources said the rebels against the regime. MisrataPor siege Moreover, the television channel Al Jazeera, citing rebel sources, has announced that three people were killed and 17 others injured last night by bombing Gaddafi's forces against the city of Misrata.

This city, the third largest in Libya, is besieged by government forces two months ago and, according to medical sources, at least 1,000 people have been killed and 3,000 wounded since the February 17 riots were initiated at that Morocco.

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