Saturday, April 23, 2011

The reporter "green" that played to the French presidency, Sarkozy

The race for the presidency of the French Republic, culminating in elections in the spring of 2012, has a new challenger. This is not a politician or a seasoned and educated at the elite French high schools (ENA, ENS or HEC), but a renowned journalist in France to defend Nicolas Sarkozy, expected to announce that opts for re-election before next summer, he has joined the bid to defend the program ecologist Nicolas Hulot journalist, very popular in France to present and promote the program in defense of nature "Ushuaia".

Already in 2007 the 55-year journalist faked to stand for elections, but backed down at the last moment when sientió that "the environment has become a simple electoral instrument, a variable of adjustment", but not before making 10 candidates sign his "ecological pact", a series of "urgent" measures to turn economic and political course and give a respite to the planet.

Now, the presenter for over twenty years 'Ushuaia', the nature's most watched program in France, issued by the private channel TF1, was launched for real. The nuclear crisis provoked by the Japanese central Fukushima has been the trigger. "Fukushima brutally reminded us that the behavior of men has become a threat to life on our planet," has said Hulot.

The environmentalist candidate comes at a time when they accumulate opponents of President Nicolas Sarkozy. The former Dolphin of former President Jacques Chirac, Dominique de Villepin, will with his own party to the 2012 general. The Greens also gained strength in France by the hand of Europe Ecologie, a legendary upset environmentalists, such as Daniel Cohn Bendit, and newcomers, as the judge Eva Joly.

In a speech in Sevran, a disadvantaged area on the outskirts of Paris, Hulot said that "environmental policies should be coupled with social policies." My only ambition is to open the way for a new ecological and social society, "said Hulot was quoted by EFE. The presenter did not reveal whether he will run the Green Party primaries Europe Ecologie Les Verts (EELV), a coalition of which he was one of the founders.

"The project of a new development model is incompatible with the current state of development policies in France," he said. The TV presenter has strong support in the French environmental movement, with its popularity to gain political space and recover the votes made in 2009, when led by Daniel Cohn-Bendit achieved 16.3 percent of the vote in the European .

Environmental policy adviser to Jacques Chirac for many years, in 2007 Hulot considered standing for president, but decided against it on the condition of "power to influence policy." To do so, issued a "ecological pact" that most of the candidates for such election signed knowing the popular appeal of the presenter.

After the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy in the election, Hulot was invited to participate in the Government's environmental project, but soon left him "disappointed" by the policies adopted. In parallel, through a foundation, Hulot gestures proposed ecological citizenship. In 2009 he directed the documentary film "Le Syndrome du Titanic," which contains a radical call to the urgency of environmental protection.

Son of an adventurer who for years was devoted to the search for gold in Venezuela and a housewife, Hulot must now convince voters that his candidacy is serious. For this, the TV presenter has major backing, as the deputy Yves Cochet environmentalist and filmmaker or photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Hulot must change its image as "bourgeois" of ecology and distance himself from some of the sponsors of its programs, badly considered by environmentalists.

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