Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pope responses

Pope Benedict XVI has responded to seven questions of Christians in the RAI: Question .-. Holy Father, I thank you for your presence fills us with joy and helps us remember that today is the day when Jesus shows his love in the most radical, dying on the cross as the innocent. Precisely on the issue of innocent suffering is the first question that comes from a seven-year old Japanese girl, who says: "My name is Elena, I'm Japanese and I have seven years.

I have a lot of fear because the house in which I have felt safe trembled very much, and because many kids my age are dead. I can not go to the park. I want to ask: why do I have to spend so much fear? why children have to suffer so much sorrow? I ask the pope, who talk to God, explain it to me.

Q. - The second question put before us an ordeal, because this is a mother who is near the cross of a child.'s Italian name is Maria Teresa and asks: " holiness, the soul of my son, Francesco, in a vegetative state from the date of Easter 2009, has left his body, seeing that is totally unconscious, or is it still there? Q.

- The third question takes us to Iraq, among young people of Baghdad, persecuted Christians who send you this question: "We welcome the Holy Father from Iraq. We Christians are persecuted as Jesus Baghdad. Holy Father, how can we help our Christian community to reconsider the desire to emigrate to other countries, convincing them to leave is not the only solution? Q.

- The next question is from a Muslim woman from the Ivory Coast, a country at war for years. This lady is called bint and he sends a greeting in Arabic can be translated this way: "God is in the midst of all the words we say and may God be with you." Is a phrase used to begin a dialogue.

And then continued in French: "Dear Holy Father, here in Ivory Coast have always lived in harmony between Christians and Muslims. Often, families are formed by members of both religions, there is also a diversity of ethnicities, but we never had problems. Now everything has changed: the crisis we caused by politics, is sowing division.

many innocents have been killed! many refugees, many mothers and many children traumatized! have urged the messengers of peace, prophets have called for peace. Jesus is a man of peace. You, as ambassador of Jesus, what advise our country? "P. - Holy Father, the next question is on the theme of death and resurrection of Jesus and comes from Italy.

I will read: "Holiness: What did Jesus in the time lapse between death and resurrection? And, as in the Creed says that Jesus after his death descended into hell:" We think it is something that We also happen to us after death, before ascending to Heaven? " P. - also the next question is on the theme of resurrection and comes from Italy: "Holiness, when women come to the tomb on Sunday after the death of Jesus, do not recognize the Master, confuse it with another.

The same happens to the Apostles, Jesus has to teach them the wounds from bread to recognize it just by his actions. Theirs is a real body of flesh and blood, but also a glorious body. The fact that his resurrected body is not has the same features as before, what does? "And what that means, exactly," glorious body "? And the resurrection, will also be well for us?" P.

- Holy Father, the last question is about Mary. At the foot of the cross, there is a touching dialogue between Jesus, his mother and John, where Jesus says to Mary, "Behold your son" and John, "Behold your mother." In his latest book, "Jesus of Nazareth", defines it as "a final disposition of Jesus." How should we understand these words? What meaning had at that time and that have meaning today? And while we're on the subject of trust.

Will renew a commitment to the Virgin at the beginning of this new millennium?

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