Saturday, April 23, 2011

At least 16 killed in a bombing in Karachi

At least 16 people have died in an explosion caused by a bomb in the Pakistani city of Karachi, has said the Pakistani police. The attack also left more than thirty wounded. The explosion was caused by a bomb that exploded in the district of Lyari, where several drug gangs operate, on a crowded underground gambling house.

The Rummy Club was the largest playhouse in the city. "It's a homemade bomb placed in a package inside the club," said Sharfuddin Memon, a senior government official. "We investigated to see if it is a terrorist act or the result of internal rivalries. It could be the result of a gang war, as frequently occurs between criminal gangs in Karachi," said local police chief of Karachi, the largest city Pakistan, with more than 13 million people, has been the target of several attacks in the past.

In November, an attack on a police station left more than a dozen deaths.

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