Saturday, April 23, 2011

Exhume 177 victims in the graves of Tamaulipas in Mexico

Mexico City - Mexican police found another 33 corpses in clandestine graves in San Fernando, bringing the total number of bodies exhumed in the municipality of the northeastern state of Tamaulipas increased to 177, according to official reports released today in the capital. Meanwhile, in another gruesome discovery, federal agents found 11 bodies today in a farm town of Durango, a figure that rose to 41 the number of bodies found between Monday and Thursday in this northern Mexican city.

The Tamaulipas Attorney's Office said 177 bodies were found in a total of 34 graves, located by the police between 1 April 19. At least 122 of the bodies would be bus passengers were kidnapped on the road to San Fernando, while the remaining 55 belong to victims of past events because of its state of decomposition.

Mexican authorities attribute the San Fernando multihomicidios assassins of the criminal organization "Los Zetas", it claimed that the killing of 72 Central and South American immigrants in August last year in the same municipality. Meanwhile, the state of Durango Office reported that the count of bodies found between Monday and Thursday in the division Sources far amounting to 41.

Today it was found a total of 11 bodies, ten males and one female. The state attorney said that the bodies are in an advanced state of decomposition made identification difficult. Apparently, some remains were even a year after being buried. Ramiro Ortiz Aguirre, Director of Public Prosecutions, said state officials hired a refrigerator to store the remains, as the deposit from the Medical Examiner (Semefo) local saturation.

Last week, 13 bodies had been exhumed in other locations in Durango. Local officials attribute the multihomicidios to organized crime.

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