Saturday, April 23, 2011

21 killed in Pakistan by U.S. attack

At least 21 people were killed in a missile strike from a U.S. drone in the Pakistani tribal region North Waziristan, reported various local television channels. The event took place in the area Spinwam, located in the troubled Afghan border demarcation, according to Geo TV network. U.S. aircraft fired five missiles, as this chain, which wounded several people.

The dead included five children and three women, according to dpa. In the demarcation of North Waziristan, mountainous and difficult to access, hide alleged jihadist networks, factions of the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban and Al Qaeda. The attack comes two days after the visit to Pakistan's Chief of U.S.

Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen, who publicly denounced the alleged links between Pakistani secret service and the insurgents of the Haqqani network. North Waziristan, one of the areas of greatest insurgent activity in Pakistan, has been the scene of regular attacks by U.S. spy planes, one of the main tactics of Washington in the fight against terrorism in the region.

Security sources and both Western and Pakistani intelligence and ensure that these attacks are accurate and not used to cause civilian casualties, something impossible to prove to the press, due to restrictions. The secret services of the United States and Pakistan have maintained a pulse in recent months by the case of a CIA contractor Raymond Davis, who was arrested in Pakistan for killing two motorists and released after paying a compensation to the families of the victims.

The last attack in the demarcation took place on March 17 and caused 39 deaths, including many civilians, which led to samples of popular anger against the U.S. campaign. More than 650 people died last year in nearly a hundred of attacks carried out by the United States. These accionescuentan with a strong rejection of the Pakistani population.

In addition, 14 members of the Pakistani security forces have died and several were injured during an insurgent attack on his checkpoint in northern Iraq, sources quoted by Geo TV channel. The attack took place last night on a position on the disputed demarcation of Lower Dir, where the army carried out an intense military operation in 2009 to end the fundamentalist Taliban in the area.

The security forces, according to sources, have declared a curfew and have launched a retaliatory operation in which they are using heavy weapons, which has led to the civilians in the area to flee to safer places. Lower Dir is located not far from Pakistan's tribal areas, some areas have poor communications with the rest of the country in which they operate various Taliban factions, jihadist and terrorist networks of Al Qaeda.

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