Friday, April 22, 2011

Mubarak run out of streets and schools

The public school or street Hosni Mubarak labeled with the name of his wife Suzanne have their days numbered. The Emergency Court of Cairo on Thursday ordered to erase the trace of the deposed president and his wife "all public buildings, plazas, streets and libraries." The measure, claimed by several lawyers, urges the Government to clear the streets of the Egyptian dictator's name, according to state news agency Mena.

The crowd demanded since 25 January, the first day of riots, the end of three decades of dictatorship, shouting "Down with Mubarak!" was primed on the portraits and propaganda throughout all Egypt worshiped the "last Pharaoh". According to the Ministry of Education, 549 schools are currently named after the former president, his wife Suzanne, who also must appear in court charged with corruption-in or his son Gamal, who remains from last week at the Tora prison with his brother Alaa.

In contrast, former presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat named only 314 schools. Like its two predecessors, Mubarak, who continues to stay at an exclusive hospital in Sharm el Sheikh pending further questioning, enjoying a subway station in Cairo. It superseded his name to stop the Martyrs in tribute to the 846 killed during the 18 days of protests.

The proposals to rename streets, facilities and repeated: January '25 ',' Martyrs' or 'Facebook' in memory of the social network that started the call of the uprising. In the Egyptian street, the memory is ubiquitous Mubarak clan. Is in parks, hospitals, bridges, airports, plazas and museums.

Some consider it to erase their tracks, they need a similar effort that allowed the construction of the majestic pyramids of Giza. In the capital, Mubarak is the godfather of a hidden street in the suburb of Madinat Nasr. The way is now inhabited by the indifference to the late president of Egypt.

"May he rest in peace," answered a neighbor when a curious looking for its exact location.

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