Monday, April 4, 2011

Syria's president appoints new prime minister

Cairo. .- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered the former Minister Adel Safar today the formation of a new government, five days after the resignation of Mohamed Naji Otri Executive, amid a wave of protests, according to official news agency Syrian SANA. The agency merely reported that al-Assad issued a presidential order to instruct Safar, who was the agriculture portfolio in the previous Cabinet, to form a new government.

On 29 March, Otri, who took over a profile technocrat Executive on 18 September 2003, resigned in an attempt to appease the regime by protesters since mid-March protests, calling for reforms in several cities. In a speech to the nation, the first since the outbreak of the riots, according to several NGOs that has claimed more than a hundred dead, Bashir vowed on Wednesday sequenced reforms, while ensuring attempted to discredit the protests were the result of a "grand conspiracy ".

The Government of Safar will be responsible for introducing the reforms promised by Al Asad, including lifting the emergency law in force since 1963, one of the main demands of the opposition. In this regard, the Syrian president ordered last March 31 the creation of a legislative commission to study the repeal of this law that you must complete its work before the 25th of this month.

Opposition groups have accused security forces of being responsible for this repression, but the government argues that the riots were caused by armed gangs and Islamic radicals. Al Asad assumed the presidency on 17 July 2000, a week after the death of his father, Hafez al-Assad. Yesterday the Syrian Observatory NGO Human Rights, denounced the arrest of 21 people in the cities of Homs Deraa and, following demonstrations against the regime that took place on Friday.

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