Monday, April 4, 2011

Berslusconi travel to Tunisia to try to stop immigration

Rome. .- The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Monday morning travel to Tunisia to discuss the emergency situation created by immigration and seek the cooperation of the Tunisian authorities for the repatriation of the approximately 20,000 illegal immigrants arriving on Italian shores in month and a half.

According to sources told Efe the government, Berlusconi is scheduled to meet with Tunisian Prime Minister, Said Beyi Essebsi, and the President Fouad Mebazaa, to pass on concerns about the migration issue. Berlusconi will travel accompanied by Interior Minister Roberto Maroni. The head of Italy will propose to the Government of Tunisia Tunisian repatriation hundred a day with the delivery of "financial support" for the reintegration of immigrants in their own country.

Italy also wants that Tunisia is committed to monitoring their coasts to prevent outflows of more immigrants into Europe. Italian Ministers of Foreign and Home Affairs Franco Frattini and Roberto Maroni, respectively, met on March 25 with several representatives of the Tunisian Government to address the migration issue.

In recent days several members of government have criticized the position of the Tunisian authorities, whom they accuse of not respecting the agreements reached to halt the departure of immigrants. Yesterday, the Tunisian media, which quoted official sources said that the meeting of March 25 was not signed any agreement on the issue of immigration and called on Italy "solidarity in this important period of transition." Instead, government sources quoted by Italian media today reiterated that the Government agreed Alps with the Tunisian authorities of "immediate and gradual repatriation of all citizens who arrived in Lampedusa this year from the agreement signed by both countries on 6 August 1998 and renovated in 2009, an agreement that "has not been respected." The daily influx of barges loaded with Tunisia to the Italian island of Lampedusa, even with some 3,000 undocumented despite transferred, fired yesterday tensions between the immigrants themselves who tried to burn a van after a hunger strike for a couple of hours, they said the delay of shipments to other parts of Italy.

After several days without registering arrivals by bad weather, Sunday arrived on the island of Lampedusa over 200 immigrants in three successive landings, local media reported Monday. More than 22,000 immigrants have arrived on Italian shores in a month and a half, most of them Tunisians, so the government is preparing to build camp in all regions for distribution.

As Tunisians have reached the border between Italy and France through the town of Ventimiglia, they have met with the French authorities' refusal to allow the passage, which has led to a controversy between the two countries on the free movement of persons. The Italian Government has been very critical of the attitude of the European Union in the case of immigrants arriving in Italy and insists that it is a common problem that affects all of Europe.

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