Monday, April 4, 2011

Found dead two operators of TEPCO missing in tsunami

Two workers missing in the rugged Fukushima nuclear power in Japan have been found dead, according to Japanese news agency Kyodo, citing sources of TEPCO, the operator of the plant. The bodies have been found in the premises of the enclosure. The workers, aged between 20 and 30, were missing from the day of the earthquake and were in the room when the giant wave hit the coast.

Moreover, the death toll has left a devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11 has now reached 12,009 and 15,472 are still missing, according to the latest count of Japan's police. In addition, about 170,000 people are in some 2,200 refugees, mostly from coastal towns in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima, the three provinces hardest hit by the disaster.

On Friday, Japanese and U.S. authorities launched a major three-day joint operation to search for the missing in the most devastated areas, but until late Saturday night had only managed to recover 66 bodies. In the device involved some 18,000 Japanese soldiers and 7,000 U.S., plus some 3,000 policemen, the Coast Guard and Fire.

On Saturday part of the operations are concentrated in the city of Ishinomaki (Miyagi), where divers Self-Defense Forces (Army) and the Fire Department inspected the Kitakami river, the main northeastern Japan, in search of bodies. On the ground, work continues to monitor the situation and the workers are working day and night between high levels of radioactivity to try to restart the reactor cooling, when the tsunami damaged spoiled emergency diesel generators, which were automatically placed started after the earthquake.

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