Monday, April 4, 2011

DIVORCE - The trunk of memories of love broken

The license plate is all that remains of their small yellow polo. But it's not just the car that crashed into the bed of the Miljacka, it's their love that has been precipitated to the bottom of the river that runs through Sarajevo. They survived the accident but it was not the case of the couple. Their relationship began when he bought his first car.

They traveled hundreds of miles together, they went to the sea and the mountains, visited countless places in their little yellow jalopy. The love story that sums up this license plate is now, like many others in the Museum of Broken Love Zagreb. Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic had the idea to found such a place in 2006, at the time of their separation.

Trying to divide the cases they had accumulated over the years, they realized that it was mission impossible. Then they imagined a museum where all the "ex" who wish may make objects - and memories - they were very emotionally attached and illustrating the best, according to them, mourning their relationship amorous past.

Today, the museum includes a quarantine "works". The irony of fate that the opening of this space in Zagreb, to take place on February 14, the day of St. Valentine. You can see a red wedding dress decorated with diamonds, a voodoo doll, a stuffed caterpillar, earrings, a watch, a fountain pen, photography, tennis shoes, bras ...

A real "cabinet of curiosities" which evokes the stories of unhappy love affairs worldwide. Among the souvenirs on display are also the keys to an apartment, including a daughter donated to the museum to avoid being tempted to return to his ex, and a pair of goalie gloves, "fetish object" of a couple of lesbians, football players.

Olinka Vistica says that many of these memories of love being exposed were "piled up" in the warehouse of a shopping center because there is more room for all objects bequeathed. "We are beset by people who call us to send us their objects, but we can not encourage them to do so. Last month we received a package stamped: 'Urgent!', Containing the red wedding dress.

The collections consist mainly during the exhibitions held abroad, "adds Olnika. For lack of space in Croatia, the museum has operated for more than four years as a traveling museum. The advertisement placed in local media that was enough to overwhelm people and Drazen Olinka of items with a word telling their story.

The Museum of Broken Love was nominated this year for the European Museum Prize 2011, awarded by the European Museum Forum. Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic recently received another great brand recognition. Their exposure was invited to move to Texas, during the annual conference of the American Association of Museums, to be held under the theme "The museums of tomorrow" (Museums of Tomorrow).

Video of the Museum of Broken Relationships

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