Monday, April 4, 2011

Germany - Joschka Fischer denounced the abstention

"The foreign policy of Germany is a farce, abstention in the Security Council outrageous misconduct, denounces the former Foreign Minister Schröder government, Joschka Fischer, the Süddeutsche Zeitung. "Let it not equate the failure of Russia and China to that of Berlin in the first case, waive the veto was a de facto agreement to the military intervention in the case of Germany, abstention is equivalent to a non-law since the country has no right of veto and is moreover a core member of NATO and the EU.

"Far from seeing a parallel with Iraq Afghanistan, Libya Fischer compares to Bosnia in the 1990s The last straw, says Joschka Fischer, the German attitude weakens Europe and due to "serious collateral damage to the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU including Germany, however, was virtually the inventor.

"What for?" Pure provincialism "slice Joschka Fischer.

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