Monday, April 4, 2011

The police stopped a march against the reelection of Daniel Ortega

Finally, thousands of protesters against the reelection of Daniel Ortega have only been able to advance about 500 meters due to strong police enforcement. The march was organized to protest the presidential candidacy of the leader of the FSLN, which considered doubly unconstitutional for violating Article 147 of the Constitution, which prohibits continuous reelection and who has served for two terms.

The route set by the Citizens Union for Democracy (UCD) began in the capital's Plaza Hotel Hiton Princess, christened by the opposition as the square of fraud. However, there had been organized from two nights before a massive concentration of the Sandinista Youth, protected by three strands of the National Police and riot units.

In this event, the demonstrators decided to concentrate 500 meters from the place initially, and then continue to the square. The first moments of tension was lived when a group of protesters from the Rescue of the Sandinista movement and the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights, among whom were Henry Ruiz and Mónica Baltodano, former commanders of the Sandinista Revolution, tried to approach the square through a side entrance.

The police decided to charge them, injuring a girl wearing a shirt and causing a sit Cenidh was also evicted. Later the group joined the bulk of the demonstration. Among chants of "Democracy yes, dictatorship no! Sandino never wanted to be president!" and singing the national anthem of Nicaragua, thousands of protesters broke the police cordon force first.

The following was guarded by the First Commissioner of the body, Aminta Granera, accused by the protesters have become a police repressive arm Daniel Ortega, surrounded by hundreds of riot officers and troops. After several attempts to break the police barrier, the march organizers decided to call for calm and demobilization, considered the event a success, which they say has contributed to "remove the mask from the National Police." The disintegration of this event was held at the Hilton Plaza with the song 'El Gallo Ennavajado' musical composition that exalts the figure of Daniel Ortega.

The march against the re-election was called by the 'Civil Society', as they are known in Nicaragua with a group of human rights associations and citizens. The tour originally scheduled to have begun in the Hilton Plaza and ending in front of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) that considers led by Ortega.

However, early last week it emerged that the FSLN had convened a Sandinista Youth 'Festival for the love, peace and life', which would coincide with the march route to the contrary in the Rotonda Rubén Darío. Although the Civic Union for Democracy had held meetings for a week on various charges of the National Police to ensure the safety of travel on Wednesday it was learned that the authority had given permission to demonstrate the Sandinistas very protested by these organizations to consider its application was the first time: "First in time first in right," cried Benjamin Lugo on Tuesday of the Movement for Nicaragua.

None of the organizers wanted to cancel the march. Although the demonstration of the FSLN had expected to complete at the roundabout Cristo Rey, the fact is that over doing it in the Hilton Plaza Hotel, where they have gathered tens of thousands of young people to participate in the "festival of peace." Two nights before had appeared in place several units equipped with sleeping bags for the night.

The former Sandinista commander Dora Maria Tellez has expressed his satisfaction that the progress against the re-election "has managed to present a challenge to the candidacy of Daniel Ortega illegal and a challenge to the fear that has tried to put the Nicaraguan people." Words has also dedicated staff to the Commissioner of National Police Aminta Granera: "Daniel Ortega is a commissioner, she represents the country, representing Ortega," he said in remarks to ELMUNDO.

is. The same view is former presidential candidate Eduardo Montealegre, "the police follow instructions, it is a pity we can not go in peace," he said. "It showed that he was afraid it was Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua's people do not want you to tell him, do not want you illegally re-election," he said.

After completion of the march against Ortega's reelection in the Hilton Hotel Plaza Festival continued Nicaragua: love, peace and life, which brought together tens of thousands of supporters of Daniel Ortega to attend some concerts organized by the Youth Sandinista July 19. "This demonstrates that the Sandinista government has people, and will have a lifetime," says one of the protesters.

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