Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thousands of Yemeni militants will go to Sana'a to support their tribal leader

Thousands of militiamen loyal to Sadiq al Ahmar, leader of the Hashid tribe (the most powerful in Yemen), head to the capital Sana'a, to support you in the shocks is starring against security forces and where only this morning had recorded 15 deaths (including a girl of seven years). On the other hand, President Saleh could be considering the possibility of signing the proposed transition policy suggested by the Gulf Cooperation Council, as reported Thursday the state news agency SABA.

In just two days, have recorded 62 fatalities in the capital and the airport had to be closed, according to Reuters. On 25 May, the international airport and was closed for several hours the fighting was between the Republican Guard and members of a tribe hostile to President Saleh. The heaviest fighting taking place in the Al Hassan, north of the capital and just ten kilometers from the airfield.

The clashes do not occur only in Sana'a, but also in Taiz and Al Azraqein, 15 kilometers north of the capital. Although it is unknown whether there are casualties in the clashes of the latter town, it was reported yesterday, just in Sana'a, 40 people died, raising fears the country to the outbreak of civil war.

In Taiz, the crashes that are taking place this Thursday are very violent, witnesses said, confirming that men who are facing the President Ali Abdullah Saleh heavily armed and are no longer mere opponents who protested peacefully in the top streets. The city is located 270 kilometers south of the capital.

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