Thursday, June 2, 2011

Acrylic Gardens to return the soul to Rabat

Enrique Rubio. Rabat .- On a wall in the heart of Rabat, behind a gas station surrounded by a perpetual traffic jam has emerged the first of the "gardens" painted from this week aim to make the Moroccan capital a more human and habitable. Two Mexicans and other Spanish artists have been commissioned to illuminate these orchards acrylics, a real novelty for a city unaccustomed to urban art and has received with curiosity and attention to the project "Gardens." A lack of green spaces where you can relax the senses, this initiative of the Spanish organization with the Moroccan Nobulo Bni.

ma found the mural art could make up these absences in significant places like Bab el Had square, the heart of Rabat, or in a crowded orphanage. The first work, a garden reminiscent of the microbial world was made by the Mexican Dhear, who painted a wall behind a gas station in the Bab el Had plaza, the confluence between the medina and the new city.

Few pedestrians were outside the twisted trees and plants that have replaced dream which until now was only a block of cement. "Indeed, it has been a great idea. We come often to this place and did not come evil some color and joy, "says Najla Burhan student, while her friend Samira shakes his head and recognizes that" do not know what to think about the work he has before his eyes.

For the Mexican Dhear, public reaction was an additional incentive, since it is less accustomed to look wall and street art that can be found in any other country more accustomed to this kind of artistic expression. Also at the plaza Bab el Had, which has become known in recent months to be the meeting place of the pro-democracy demonstrations 20 February Movement, the Mexican artist Pilar Cárdenas left his mark on a wall.

"In recent years I've been growing interest in Arab and Islamic motifs, and what better place to put a country like Morocco," said Cardenas, who in Rabat Arab leadership has introduced a new element in his compositions. Away from the bustle of downtown rabatí in a corner which never come across a tourist, the Granada Niño de las Pinturas orphanage created against a mural Akkari neighborhood with a world full of symbolism and messages.

"Strength in the roots but the tree grows to heaven. " Written in this way, in Arabic of course, the Spanish artist wanted to give hope to the children run and play every day in front of that wall twenty feet long. Most small, however, did not hesitate to give to him the first thing they could find.

Therefore, the artist believes that trade with the smaller, neighborhood families, who every day went about their needs and came up to thank him with tears in his eyes that add beauty to their lives, as the greatest reward he has brought his stay in Rabat. The three took a week to complete their work.

Then they did not forget some essential, as Mohammed, the man who drove the crane with which Dhear painted his mural, or Yunes, "contact" Moroccan made them all much easier. Behind them, and with the cooperation of the Spanish and Mexican embassies and the Instituto Cervantes, Anna Dimitrova, Nobulo's alma mater, he feels "exhausted but happy to see that a priori no simple project has finally seen the light.

Not surprisingly, "Garden" was proposed by these works, "generating a positive influence on mood and life of the inhabitants." Riders Bab el Had and children's orphanage Akkari now have the word. His life, say some of them, now appears brighter.

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