Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rats in the plane

Qantas left on the ground a Boeing 767 after finding five 'stowaways' inside. The crew found five rats in the storage compartment, minutes before passengers boarded the flight bound for Brisbane, local media reported. A spokeswoman for the local agency aerolíneainformó AAP that it is young of rodents and that the company is investigating "how they got on the plane." The affected passengers were taken to another plane, while Qantas staff is dedicated to explore the possible presence of other rodents.

Qantas engineers who inspected the Boeing 767 reported Wednesday that the wiring system was not damaged by rats and is expected to operate the unit again today, said a spokeswoman for the airline. It is the latest blow for Qantas, one of whose aircraft, a Boeing 747, had to make an unscheduled stop this week in New Caledonia for lack of fuel in his new 13,816 route miles between Dallas, USA, and Brisbane.

In recent months, Qantas, facing a possible pilot strike has made more than a dozen emergency landings.

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