Thursday, June 2, 2011

FRANCE - It's a myth that falls

There are two days away, DSK was considered the second most powerful man on the planet. He had indeed managed to give an institutional framework somewhat egalitarian International Monetary Fund and was still able to maintain a balance among the strongest currencies, without actually being in the monetarist policy.

He had, in our case [we Tunisians], frankness and courage to say three years ago that the government Ghannouchi growth forecasts (6%) were a sham and they had to revise the down: there was thus a supplementary budget! Lately, he had put a little too openly, too confident, too, in the running for the upcoming presidential election, and we even gave the winner of a duel with Sarkozy considered inevitable.

He did not bother to surround himself with advisers stock in Porsche and, obviously, between a plane and another, between two doors of a hotel suite to another, it could yield to some instincts ... Sex and power have never been opposed, in short. They are even allies, accomplices. Almost all politicians have a behavior determined by the secret fantasies with their libido.

Scandals, there has always been. And there will be more. But the all-powerful director of the IMF jump, naked on a maid, there is enough here to stun the entire planet. Except that this appearance before a judge impassive, his delivery handcuffed behind his back, with a scruffy coat, and this camera never missed anything from facial expressions of the accused have appeared in "extreme cruelty" in the eyes of French observers.

These images are not comfortable and scandal in the first degree the French president himself. For it is the French pride, sophistication, and seductive fine side who are skinned. It's a myth that falls. And moreover, in these times when America is puritanical. To believe that there has never been to the White House in history between Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, or what vulgar little thing between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky ...

And then, you see, power is deceptive. He is a traitor. Kissinger had said elsewhere: "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac!"

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