Thursday, June 2, 2011

"The burqa is neither shall a garment of Islam"

Who is the prophet Muhammad? What is the dogma of Islam? What are your current major (Sunni Islam, Shi'ism, Ibadan), his prophets (Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mary)? Where do women really, sex? Why Jerusalem is Muslim holy land? These are questions that may arise for a Westerner who wants to understand how Islam affects the daily lives of millions of people.

In these times of revolution in Arab and North Africa in search of freedom and a better future and where in Europe and the United States millions of Muslims live is always good to hear an expert to explain Islam to understand and destroy topics which provide only ignorance. Malek Chebel, Algerian writer and anthropologist who lives in France is an internationally renowned specialist, who devotes his life as a student to analyze point by point Islam a misunderstood religion in Europe.

This is what has now compiled in the book "Islam" (published by Polity Press). With a spirit for learning, and away from proselytizing, traces the history to speak also of modernity, and the challenges faced by this religion in the twenty-first century. Malek Chebel is an anthropologist of religion and an Algerian philosopher born in 1953 in Skikda.

He studied in Algeria and France. He taught at numerous universities throughout the world. Essayist, literary specialist in the Arab world and Islam and creator of the term L'Islam des Lumières (Islam of Lights), Malek Chebel participates in conferences in many European and African countries.

He is known for his reflections on Islam, their culture, history, intellectual life and eroticism. Also, their public stances in favor of a liberal Islam are famous throughout the world. Malek Chebel devotes his prolific work in the defense of both political freedom to think, live and love and their relationship with Islam and Muslim culture.

Grants from Paris this interview with La Vanguardia. com to deal with current issues raised by Islam as a religion and social model. Among his works include the dictionary love of a thousand and one nights and refining theory and practice Arabic. Why the West and Western countries do not understand Islam and why not make a rapprochement between both didactic and explanatory to improve understanding of this religion? For thirty years, I try to write books about this issue of great social disclosure.

It is in response to this question is a useful and essential need to understand Islam. How violent Islamic radicalism has affected the understanding and acceptance of the Western world to Islam? Muslim fundamentalists, with its armed wing, the fundamentalists or the suicide bombers, impose a single reading and interpretation of Islam, that of war.

Whoever disagrees with this view they advocate violence and death is threatened. With his interpretation of Islam put the majority of Muslims on the side of the violent and give a bad image of every Muslim in particular, but it is peaceful and honest. What is your opinion of leaders attack against its people and defend the Muslims claim as Muanmar Libyan Colonel Gaddafi? We have often turned alarama signal on quirky characters like Gaddafi or Bin Laden because they use violence to impose order by posing as defenders of liberty and defenders of the poor.

The stage of these characters is coming to an end and I hope permanently. Do you think there is now a rift between the Islamic world and the rest of the world which would cause a situation of misunderstanding? We are now paying the price for centuries of sleep and lethargy. More immediately we are paying other bills: the last 50 years where all the leaders in countries where Islam is practiced have been presented as defenders of good and proper Islam.

In fact, have set up their privileges and has enriched and exposed this as a necessity. Intellectuals have been "hunted" in foreign countries, exiled, tortured, kept in utter silence, until this situation has exploded. How is it possible that there are different interpretations of Islam in the Arab world with different doctrines and forms of behavior? It is necessary to distinguish between different interpretations of the Koran (he translated the Koran and I have experience in this case) and the differences between political systems: the kingdoms, republics, the Emirates, the sultanates.

Every political system, every doctrine, every system logic structure their own weaknesses and established systems. Regardless of the economic differences and different levels of wealth can not compare a rich bourgeois Moroccan a poor boy in the streets of Pakistan. One and one are two different readings of Islam.

How do you interpret that in countries like France and Spain have banned the use of integral veil, or burqa? The burka is neither shall a garment of Islam. In all places where women live must fight themselves to stop this garment as absurd as it is integral burqa or veil that Islam is an anomaly, since it is the denial of individual freedom.

Last year I visited Mecca (one of the five precepts to follow any practicing Muslim), and official border of Saudi Arabia asked a woman who lifted her burka to help identify and control spending. I witnessed this situation. In fact, what the official Wahhabi regime as Arabia had demanded the woman with Burqa akin to identify it should be applied in European countries (as France has done in its law on the prohibition of any integral veil that prevents identification of a people).

Neither more nor less. What is the place reserved for Muslim countries to women today? Women in Muslim countries today must have the same rights and enjoy the same equality as men. No law of State must place women in an inferior position. Women should fight for equal rights for equality enjoyed by men.

The Spanish president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has tried to promote the Alliance of Civilizations in bringing countries from both shores of the Mediterranean where they share traditions and cultures ... However, this Alliance has been withheld by the Arab riots ... An alliance is not only defending one position: that there may be a partnership must have two different civilizations, but who want to collaborate.

The Arab world will in the future to participate in all meetings of civilizations that are organized on their behalf. Need to integrate this process young people, because if they do not feel integrated feel have been sidelined. The Partnership may in the future should involve a trained and educated youth to carry out this transfer between generations.

How do you think should be resolved the peace process and Palestinian isarelíes? The solution to this conflict is so complicated as to be left solely in the hands of the two sides involved, so it is necessary that there is a movement worldwide. If Israeli leaders are held hostage by their extremists need someone to be lucid enough to tell and warn them.

If the Palestinians are, in turn, solidarity in their choice of independence and autonomy, will not reach any agreement. There is an immediate policy and future prospects. A political leader will never show his greatness in times of peace, but when a tense situation when the politician must reassert the side of peace.

When a country is powerful is the time to reaffirm its commitment to peace, not when it is a weak country.

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