Thursday, June 2, 2011

FRANCE - A case that Strauss-Kahn is disqualified

"The pervert", as the New York Daily News. He said Dominique Strauss-Kahn would be "known in France as" the great seducer ". The news of the arrest of the boss of the IMF, on May 14 in New York, quickly toured the world media. The conservative American tabloids are having a field day, and recount in detail the sexual assault victim whose expressed an employee of a Manhattan hotel.

"The caliber French head of IMF has been arrested for allegedly sodomizing a maid," recounts in his inimitable style, the New York Post. In the American legal vocabulary, sodomy is any sexual relationship called "unnatural," including oral sex. DSK is accused of forcing the victim to have this kind of relationship with him.

Found May 14 in the evening by the New York Times, the scandal made the front page of all sites in this release May 15 "The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, on trial for attempted rape, strikes me as both surprising information - not totally surprising," responds on his blog Gideon Rachman, a columnist at the Financial Times of London.

All journalists make the same observation as the Columbia: DSK, even if it is innocent - he chose to plead not guilty - has against him a reputation as womanizer. "That's genitals were his weak point was public knowledge," such as Michael Kläsgen attack in the German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

He said that DSK had already hit the headlines in late 2008, when the IMF had conducted an internal investigation of its director for abuse of power after the revelation of a relationship that maintaining the former finance minister with one of its subordinate. At the time, DSK had been bleached.

He then apologized to IMF staff and his wife Anne Sinclair, pleading a "misjudgment". Two questions come tirelessly in the writings of commentators and other writers: DSK can still claim, in France, the Socialist nomination for the presidency in 2012? And how can he remain in office at the IMF, financial crisis and while the institution must negotiate a delicate Plan aid to Greece? To the first question, the German tabloid Bild brings a clear answer DSK already talking to the past: "The socialist who wanted to lead luxury France," as he said on his website.

"Strauss-Kahn, it's over!" Joel nods Meskens Paris correspondent of the Belgian daily Le Soir: "One in which the left saw the providential man, whom the polls showed winning for months will not be the next French president. And probably not even the challenger Nicolas Sarkozy. Whatever the outcome of the U.S.

investigation, Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be far too weak in all cases to give his side still hopes to lead to victory. "Strauss-Kahn IMF plunges into a serious crisis ", for its part under the Handelsblatt business daily prestigious German. The French would meet on 15 May in Berlin by Chancellor Angela Merkel attend tomorrow and May 16 at a meeting of finance ministers of the Eurogroup.

Even Some welcome his efforts to revitalize the Fund since its accession to the head of the institution in 2007, however, consider all unthinkable that he can now stay in office. "The IMF's efforts [to stabilize the world economy after the shock 2008 Financial] remain a work-going, that will do nothing controversial legal and political scandal at the top of the institution - especially since John Lipsky, the No.

2 IMF, decided to retire in August "considers the Financial Times editorial, which calls DSK to leave office on time of the survey. The Guardian He is already considering the post-DSK:" Who could succeed him to the IMF? "interrogates Does it on his website, focusing on a candidate from a developing country.

In Washington and Paris, the French political future seem bleak. "No he Kahn't" together titrate The Economist (London) and El Pais (Madrid), referring to T-shirt bearing the likeness of DSK, which began to sell on both sides of the Atlantic, with the slogan "Yes, he Kahn" - a pun on the old campaign slogan of Barack Obama ("Yes we can" or French "yes we can").

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