Thursday, June 2, 2011

Syrian military repression causes 50 deaths, including two children

Antalya (Turkey) (Editorial / AP) .- More than 50 civilians were killed on Tuesday in attacks by Syrian forces to quell protests aimed contral government. According to human rights activist Ammar Qurabi, the army killed nine civilians in the city of Hirako on Tuesday, including three doctors, a dentist and a girl of 11 years of age.

All were killed by snipers during the assault on several houses in Hirako, where tanks were deployed along eta week, said Qurabi, head of the Syrian Human Rights Organization told Reuters. These deaths are in addition to 41 other civilian victims killed during the bombings with which government forces attacked the town of Rastan on Tuesday.

Razan Zaitouna According to counsel, based in Dasmaco, among the dead is a child of four years. Five of them were buried in Rastan Wednesday. According to several human rights groups, 1,000 civilians were killed during the riots that seek to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. Crush the revolt has become the most serious challenge of Asad in his 11 years in office.

The severe repression that has already led addressed convictions and sations of the international community. "The revolution in Syria has spoken out: people want to overthrow the regime. We will. The price of the blood that spills can only be paid to freedom, "he assured Abdelrazzaq Eid, a senior official opposed to the regime, at a conference in Antalya, Turkey." Dictatorship has never shown one iota of good intentions.

He has lost all legitimacy to shoot and kill his own people, "he said Eid, to applause.

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