Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sarah Palin shares pizza with Donald Trump in New York

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump shared pizza 'pepperoni' Famous Famiglia restaurant at Broadway, before the incredulous eyes of dozens of New Yorkers rubbed their eyes to be convinced that the diner pink jacket was indeed the former governor of Alaska. Palin used to circumvent the Big Apple in a self-promotional tour across the country.

This time, however, wanted to pay homage to the real estate mogul and probably ask you loosen your wallet before the announcement of his likely Republican primary campaign. The only question that Palin answered, amid the commotion, it was precisely to that investigated in the past Trump cotribuciones of the Democratic Party.

"I think I'm going to change that opinion," he said. "I'm sure that this time contributes to the cause of conservative constitutionalists" (euphemism altisonsante has renamed the armies of the Tea Party). Since last Sunday, when he joined with leather jacket to a gathering of veterans on Harley Davidson, Sarah Palin is not to.

The bus that runs these days on historic sites on the east coast named 'One Nation'-, stopped in Gettysburg and the Liberty Bell, before heading to New York. Palin will visit on Wednesday the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, in his crusade to "remember the principles of the nation and restore America's values." A six-thirty in the afternoon, Palin was planted in the atrium of Trump Tower and asked directly by the famous 'home', which had long been waiting.

Soon, the two left the building, heading to a table reserved at the Famous Famiglia is the corner of 50th Street and Broadway. The unique meeting comes just two weeks after Trump himself, after flirting with the Republican nomination and be in advantageous position in the polls, admitted it was all a "bluff" and that is not presented.

Palin is nevertheless doubly grateful to Trump for putting on the table the question of the birth of President Obama (one of the top "worries" of conservative voters) and for giving their vote long trusted to ensure in 2008 that he believed able to get the country out of crisis ECONOMIC.

The launch of the bus 'One Nation' has returned to shoot the expectations for his candidacy for the Republican primary, after several weeks in dry dock after the resounding 'sting' by his statements during the shooting of Arizona. The complete itinerary of the bus is a mystery, although it is known that heads to New England, more than likely stop in New Hampshire, the decisive state in the primaries.

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