Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thousands of people begin to concentrate again on Tahrir Square

Thousands of people have begun to focus this morning on the square of Cairo Tahrir, which has called for a mass demonstration after the noon prayer that its supporters call "the second Friday of Wrath" and his detractors "on Friday of the conspiracy. " At 9.00 pm (7.00 GMT) and had formed several large groups of people in different parts of the square, a symbol of the protests that erupted on 25 January which led, seventeen days after the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

The few cars that were running at the same time they did so without problems, while police state television announced a restructuring of the traffic in the area in anticipation of the blockade of the square by the massive influx of people. About forty groups and political forces, according to local media, have announced their participation in today's demonstration in which they demand to speed up the trials of former regime leaders, to political corruption and the delay of parliamentary elections , scheduled for September.

Another of the claims of some forces is the formation of a civil presidential council to replace the current military leadership. Against whom the summon another 21 groups including the Muslim Brotherhood, the country's main political party, the organizers have been criticized on the grounds that the demonstration is against the wishes of the people and aims to drive a wedge between the Egyptian and between the people and the army.

For that reason they have chosen to christen the day as "the Friday of the conspiracy." For its part, the military said in a statement released last night showed their support for the right to demonstrate, but said they would not be present in Tahrir to avoid the danger of riots.

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