Sunday, May 29, 2011

QUALITY - Hong Kong and Macao better off

Clearly, Beijing expands its famous "one country two systems" to food. Since 1998, the year that followed the great swine flu in China, people in Hong Kong and Macao have a system of food safety is different from that of mainland China, Southern Weekend reported. A system that proves effective because food imported from the continent are consistent with tests to 99.97% forthe Hong Kong market and 100% for that of Macao.

It must be said that the constraints are stringent for operators who want to sell their products in these markets. The barns are subject to two checks monthly rate of growth promoters chemicals, and a routine quarterly monitoring of 42 other criteria. Swineherds must also take a shower, change clothes and go through an airlock disinfection before entering the barn.

The weekly said that the farm Cantonese Nahzou, in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, sells half its annual production of 16 000 animals in these markets, the other half from the mainland. For eleven years, we have not had the slightest trace of stimulants, said with pride the office of the Inspection of Import and Export Zhuhai.

For the portion for the continent, is another story, the control system is considered too expensive to be widespread.

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