Sunday, May 29, 2011

Appear in France three suspected cases of poisoning

Paris .- The French Government has informed on Saturday of three cases of poisoning possibly related to ingestion of contaminated cucumbers bacteria that come from Spain. The bacteria, whose exact origin is unknown, could have killed nine Germans, two of them in the UK. The joint communique of the French Ministries of Economy, Health and Agriculture said that the three cases are "under investigation" and notes that are "in line with the epidemic of Germany." The infestation of the bacterium E.

Coli 'has caused two deaths and 214 confirmed cases in Germany, of which 68% affect women. Sweden has reported 10 cases, Denmark has recorded four, three UK and the Netherlands one. The outbreak affects the area of Hamburg and the majority of cases reported outside Germany under German citizens who were visiting another Member State or persons who had been in Germany.

The EU executive has recommended that EU citizens who have recently visited Germany watch for symptoms such as bloody diarrhea, and consult with your doctor.

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